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Muskegon Area D.E.S. Inc.

We are a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that originated in 1995 in this community.  We are your local guide for resources and information about diabetes and it's management.

Our goals are:

  1. To support diabetes education in our community
  2. To empower people with diabetes, and their families, with the knowledge they need to better manage their diabetes
  3. To promote a healthier future, living with diabetes
Education is so important in the management of diabetes!
Stay informed and be in control.  Good diabetes management is a team effort.  This team should include your primary physician and/or endocrinologist, dietitian, certified diabetes educator (CDE), ophthalmologist, podiatrist, dentist, pharmacist, maybe even a counselor or psychologist.  
Remember though, that you are the most important member of your health care team.

We believe that you deserve to be given all the information you need to make the best choices, ask the necessary questions and work with your health care team to make the best decisions in your care.  Being in control of your diabetes, and managing its daily challenges make you feel good about yourself.    When you feel good physically and emotionally, it makes it easier to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

What is
What is




VOICE Newsletter
VOICE Newsletter

Nutrition and
Nutrition and
Remember: Information on this website is not a substitute for your own doctor's advice. Education and communication with your health care team are excellent health care tools.

Diabetes Education

Mercy Heart Center
1212 E. Sherman Suite 2

  • An Individual Diabetes Assessment & brief introduction to carbohydrate counting
  • Four group classes scheduled 4 weeks in a row on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings.
Call Kelly to schedule:

A major handicap in life
is a
Bad Attitude

Things change for the better when

we take responsibility for our own

thoughts, decisions, & actions.

Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles.......

that we forget to count our blessings!

What lies behind us

and what lies before us,

are small compared to

what lies within us.

Kindness is a language that

the deaf can hear & the

blind can see.

An obstacle is often

a stepping stone!

Health Care Checklist

Are you doing everything you need to control your diabetes?
 I stay informed by reading diabetes related newsletters, books and magazines.
 I eat a balanced diet daily and work at getting to and maintaining a desirable weight.
 I read food labels before I purchase foods.
 I understand my meal plan. If not see a dietician.
 I understand what my medications are for and how and when to take them.
 I check the expiration dates on my test strips and medication periodically.
 I know when to call my doctor.
 I have a sick day plan.
 I know what to do when ill with a cold or the flu before it happens.
 I visit my primary care physician every three months or as he/she recommends.
 I exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes (check with your physician before starting any exercise routine).
 I weigh myself to check for fluctuations every 2 weeks or so unless directed differently by my doctor.
 I check my feet for cuts and sores daily, and make sure my doctor examines my feet every visit.
 I have a podiatrist examine my feet at least annually, unless otherwise recommended. This exam should include a check for altered sensation, decreased circulation and/or infection.
 I wear properly fitted shoes, and avoid going barefoot.
 I monitor my blood glucose at least twice a day or more depending on my type of diabetes and medication and what is recommended by my health care team.
 I get a glycosylated hemoglobin (HbAlc) blood test and compare it to my last one to check my overall glucose control every 3-6 months.
 I check my blood pressure every three months and every doctor visit. If recommended, I check my blood pressure at home.
 I get a yearly dilated eye exam to check for retinopathy.
 I get a lipid profile done annually which includes total cholesterol HDL/LDL and Triglycerides.
 I get a yearly urine test for (microalbuminuria) which is a check for kidney damage. Also blood work to check kidney function.
 I visit the dentist at least once a year or as recommended. My dentist knows that I have diabetes.
 I talk to my doctor about getting the flu shot yearly, and pneumonia shot as needed.
 I practice some form of relaxation or stress reduction that is helpful for me at least three times a week or as often as needed.
Hopefully you have checked all of the above. If not, take note of the ones you need to work on. Remember you are the key player on your diabetes team.

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